Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mori Girl, Gyaru, AND Lolita?!

I'm in love with them all, so what is there a lolita to do with such an empty wallet? Fear not little hopefuls, I'm sure every one of us are inspired easily by up-and-coming fashions out there. Here's a way that we can incorporate main points in the other fashions, and make it work with us!

First off we can start with a trend that has been around since the early 90's. Gal fashion! As far as my knowledge goes on Gal fashion it can be summed up to 3 key points; Hair, Make-up, and Heels.


Gals like to keep it blonde. Soft waves or curls are heavily in style now, with a bang that stops just at the brow.

Make Up

This is definitely the key point in every aspect of Gal fashion. If you're make-up isn't on point, then I'm sorry to say that you're doin' it wrong! 

Gal "make" is mainly focused on the eyes, accentuating them to look BIG.

Notice how this gal uses falsies on both the upper and lower lid. Circle lenses to make the outer edge of the pupil and iris larger, and subtle uses of white pencil against black to further enhance the enlargement.

Pink accents on the lip and cheeks add femininity to a fresh face.



I dont think I have to say anything else. Other than a lot of leg, and a nice pair of shoes goes a long way in this fashion. 

Mori Girl 

"Forest" Girl. Those who dress in this style keep it au natural. Garments are usually light in color (Mostly whites, off-whites, creams, with hints of color here and there) long and loose, knitted, with choices in fabric that seem as though they were dwelling in the forest for years. 

You can immediately tell the difference in style between the two. These girls are a lot more modest, the colors arent as bold, and everything worn is soft and muted, but still heavily detailed with the smallest bits of lace and accent in every garment. Layering is a must here too!

Making it Lolita

When incorporating the main focuses used in the fashions used above, we have to look at the key elements. Take this Jumperskirt for example:

The light colors and subtle details and pattern is perfect to compliment the Mori Girl style while still keeping the all important bell shape of lolita.

Taking this coordinate, and making sure you use the key points in Gal make and hair, for example, my favorite Gal model Kumicky:

This hairstyle can definitely work for all three fashions! And look at kumicky's make-up. It's suble but her eyes pop! And her lashes flick out like little butterfly wings. Just slap a pair of lacy white tights on this coordinate and it can be a perfect hybrid!

I hope this post helps and inspires others to try out new things! Remember following the normal is boring, go out there and explore other fashions, all the while playing around with you own.

Thank you!


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