Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gleeking Out - Taking style tips from Emma Pillsbury and making it Lolita!

Recently on this oddly warm winter break down here in Florida, I took it upon myself to get into the phenomena of "Glee". I find it peculiar that I didnt watch it on my own will before. First of all, I love singing. I wanted to be a star and singer at a young age but never pursued it out of fear that I'd be a failure and eventually humiliate myself. (Come to find that I regret this decision on a daily basis) But thats besides the point! Glee has found a way to dig into my love of singing AND fashion in a way no show has done so before. So in spite of my lack of will power and sense of failure, I'm dedicating this post to a newly born fashion idol of mine; Emma Pillsbury.

Her cute, quirky, and clean sense of style sets off a whirlwind of inspiration that I just wan to sink my teeth into !


What gets me the most is the fabulous use of color in each and every outfit. Emma's character is known to be mysophobic, so every piece of her outfit is simple, crisp, using clean lines. Oh and cardigans. Cant forget about the Cardigans. Seeing her style completely reminds me of some of the pieces seen in Jane Marple, Emily Temple Cute, and even Innocent World Pieces can come into play.

Now the obvious difference as we can see is that Emma chooses subtle A-line to Pencil skirts for her attire, whereas in lolita we have to work with A-line to Full Circle skirts.

Notice this Jumperskirt and Blouse combo. The brightly colored yellow blouse goes well with this animal printed cream dress. The balance of colors and the simplicity of the dress gives it a nice "Emma" touch. Skip the hair accessories, and style it up with a nice pair Emma's signature J.Crew Penelope Mary Janes:


Emma's use of florals comes in tiny bursts. Nothing all over, but still balancing that with a solid color.

Jane Marples recent winter collection shows a couple of pieces that are perfect for mixing and matching. Take the Cardigan on the left, and match it up with a simple sweet pink or cream skirt:

Since we're incorporating lolita, we can play with shoe types too! He's a cute variety from ETC:



Even with coats emma likes to keep it clean but unique!

Remember not to be afraid to play with bold colors~<3

Here's some Lolita examples:


There isnt a photo where Emma is seen without one! I swear if we opened her closet she'd have a section dedicated to them!


In Lolita it would also be hard not to find a cardigan/ bolero in any brand store. A plethora of examples:

I hope Emma's fashion inspires all of you as it did myself! Lets all work together to incorporate a bit of her stylistic choices in our own wardrobe!

All Emma Images courtesy of  http://www.wwepw.com/ , where you can find tips, shopping guides, looks, and everything Emma!

Lolita Brands used:



  1. I love the idea of incorporating her style with lolita! Great post!

  2. Thanks! I'd love to see anyone try this out ::poke:: go for it Kelssss :D

  3. XD Emma is my ideal office lady look. Her and Summer Finn from (500)Days of Summer.