Sunday, December 12, 2010

Late Lolitaday Post

I hope its okay to backtrack a couple of days to LolitaDay! I love these pictures too much not to share ^^

A lot of the local NYC lolitas went to extravagant parties for this day (that I really wish I attended >A< the photos I've seen from the meets are amazing!) But my friend Laura of Bearicleちゃん and I decided to have our own fun for the day ^^ (Along with our boyfriends)

We set out to Rose House, a chinese based Tea House right in the middle of Flushing.

What better way to celebrate the day with just the two of us than to twin! :D

Here we are at our table right in front of the "Fireplace" 

They have beautiful tea sets!

My Rose Petal Milk Tea ^^

The tower of amazing! Laura's face is priceless here xD!

Another view of the decor

And after, we went out to see some really cute stores!


In our coats!

It was an amazing day with one of my closest friends ! Cant wait to have tea there again :DD

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